Champion Award

Dr Pak and Sirona Vascular were honored at the Operation Access Healthy Spirits annual awards dinner 12/9/14. Operation Access is a local charity that helps to provide advanced health care services to patients in need who have no health care coverage. This end of year event was attended by over a hundred volunteers and staff. Our team was well represented.

The speech recognizing our contributions was heartfelt. It is summarized here:

"Although Operation Access has frequently worked with volunteers to pilot Saturday sessions for high-needs specialty areas such as gastroenterology and ophthalmology, a vascular session had never been tried before and presented its own unique challenges. Dr. Pak and her team worked hard to get catheter kits and stockings donated from their vendors, recruited all the necessary staff for the day, and developed systems with Operation Access to ensure the appropriate patient flow and followup. The pilot session was incredibly successful. Dr. Pak and her yeam were able to provide ten patients with ablation and sclerotherapy treatment on just one Saturday morning. The patients were thrilled with the results, many of them having presented with fairly evolved vein issues, due to their lack of health insurance.

They left Dr. Pak's office with their medical problems painlessly solved and able to return to work and theri normal lives. Dr. Pak truly "championed" a new idea and made it into a reality, simply because she saw a need and had the compassion and motivation to do something about it."

If you have interest in learning more about Operation Access and how you can help, contact Evelyn at 415-464-5400.

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