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Mr. Davis was bedridden in a nursing home and unable to walk because of leg pain. He was on around the clock massive doses of narcotics. He was losing weight and felt weaker and weaker every day. He was being treated for back pain, but when he came to Sirona Vascular, we did an ultrasound in the office the same day and diagnosed a severe blood flow problem. He had a complete blockage in the aorta, the main artery bringing blood to the legs. We performed a surgery to restore the blood flow. The morning after surgery he said he'd had the first good night of sleep he'd had in a week. 10 days after surgery, he walked the length of the hallway for the first time in 5 months. He was in tears when he reached his family waiting at the end of the hall. He smiled, and said simply, "I'm back." The video the the right is taken of Mr. Davis 1 month after surgery, walking around his own home.

Dr Pak saved my life and my left leg. Earlier this year I had a DVT that resulted in major blood clots all the way up to my pelvis. The first physician tried to treat it with blood thinners. Two days later, my left leg was two and one half times its normal size. Dr Pak came to the rescue by performing life saving surgery. The technique she used was cutting edge and first rate. Now, my left leg is completely back to normal and all clots are gone. In addition, Dr Pak explained everything and her post operative care was remarkable. She left no stone unturned in doing everything to maximize my chances of recovery. She also has a great bedside manner--unusual for a surgeon. She is caring and attentive. As an aside, I have spend my legal career (over 25 years)defending physicians in medical malpractice cases. I think I am uniquely qualified to review a physician. If you need a vascular surgeon, she is by far the best. She is to vascular surgery what Mozart was to music.      --MZ

Dr. Laura Pak has been my wife's vascular surgeon for the past 7 years. Twice, my wife was close to death and Dr. Pak performed a miracle on her.  I can not recommend her highly enough and she will always be our friend and surgeon.  I would recommend  her to anyone.  From what I can find out she is probably the #1 vascular surgeon in California and in the Top Ten nationally.  Thank you    

 ---Tom Robertson

Dr. Pak is absolutely the best!!  She stepped in to treat a very painful clotting problem in my leg.  I had been following my primary's advice and was getting nowhere, I was losing time off work etc.  After two surgical procedures I am back on my feet and working again!!  She made me feel comfortable, and It was a delight to work with her staff!     Thank you Dr. Pak!!  I am so glad I found you.  --Monica J.

Dr. Laura Pak performed two operations to remove a blood clot in my right arm. The operations were completely successful. Dr. Pak explained the procedure to me in a clear and precise way with just the personable touch to make the ordeal less painful.  She also took great care in the follow up, her staff is also very good, professional and caring. Thank you Dr. Pak.

--Wolfgang R

It has been an honor and a privilege to have Dr. Laura Pak as my vascular specialist. She did a remarkable operation on my neck artery that was 80% closed. I could have been in really bad shape, but I was extremely fortunate to have her. Dr. Pak is a true professional-- she is simply the best.

-- John Crystal

Dr. Laura Pak is amazing. Simply put. I'm 25 years old and have 3 surgeries preformed by her over 3 days and they all were successful. Others doubted she could pull it off but she saved me from a LONG recovery time. I was up and walking again within one week instead of 2 months. All done through one tiny little hole. She knows what she is doing and I would recommend her to anyone needing anything done that she specializes in. I am truly happy and thankful to have her as my doctor :)       _
-- James H

Dr. Laura Pak is a really great physician. She really cares about her patients. Dr. Pak has done two painless outpatient surgical procedures on my leg veins and am I ever grateful. Her work is excellent. She has been working on finer veins with sclerotherapy during follow up office visits. I would and have recommended her to others. She is clearly a top vascular surgeon, yet is a friendly, a rare find. I highly recommend Laura Pak, MD.

-- Joanee W

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